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"I consider myself what they call an "open book cosplayer". I’m always happy to pass along any methods I’ve learned, or materials I’ve used. And considering I’m still pretty inexperienced, all things considered, I’m always super flattered any time anyone has a question for me!! I love hearing from you, and will always do my best to help!"

What prompted me to post this, was a fellow Rikku cosplayer asked me how I did something, but prefaced it with “I hope you don’t mind.” I think it’s so weird that there’s this stigma that we’re not allowed to ask each other things anymore, or that once you find a technique, you keep it secret so you can be DA BEST.

I would never know 90% of the things I know if it weren’t for helpful people on the internet, tutorials, or my friends with their wealth of knowledge.

Cosplay is weird.

"Young people these days simply don’t know how to respect their elders."

I don’t think Edgeworth realizes how old he actually is..

Photo by Chroma Loferski at MAGfest 2014~

A brief overview of how I make my Rikku boots.

I was able to hang out at MegaCon today, and i had SUCH a blast! Thank you so so soooo much to everyone who took my picture and chatted with me, I’m still completely stunned and flustered over how positively Rikku was received. I’m so happy I got to meet new people, and can’t wait to explore the FL con scene more ;w; FEELS <3

Long overdue MAGfest pictures!! I can’t express how much I love these, I feel so coooool. (〃 ̄ω ̄〃)

Cosplayer is me, photo is by my lovely sister, Chroma Loferski~

Photos of our Gundam SEED costumes from Otakon 2013!

We went to Tomokazu Seki’s autograph session and he loved them!! Especially Dearka. I even got my Yzak jacket signed! (︶//ω//︶)

Photos by Chroma Loferski, Katherine Chicas, and me!

MAGfest selfies~


My friends and I at Zenkaikon ~


Rin (Tumblr // Facebook)

Shura (Tumblr // Facebook)

Arthur (Tumblr // Facebook)

All photos by M9 Photography

In the spirit of all this cosplay photography talk(and ‘cause Kaz told me to post more lol), I’ve got this shot of Arthur from a recent shoot. I loved working with him and I thought they came out fantastic! He did a pretty stellar job at directing and making sure I looked ok :3

Photography by M9 Cosplay

I forgot to put this one on tumblr, which is crazy, ‘cause I love it! I wish we could just wear these everywhere ;A;

Photo at Zenkaikon 2013 by Tommyish~