More silly Div 11 Tekko pictures. I’m so happy my feathers stayed C:

Yumichika, Ikkaku, and Yachiru cosplayed by: me ,Reilala, and WaywardCheshire

Yeeeeah, we totally whipped these up for Tekkoshocon. Did I mention Ikkaku’s wearing my clothes? :D

Yumichika, Ikkaku, and Yachiru cosplayed by me, Reilala, and WaywardCheshire, respectively.


My Edgeworth cosplay from Katsucon 2010!

Photos by (from left to right):

Sam Lau (Baron Karza), my sister, Gianna Rovelli (blanko)

….I cosplayed Lady Gaga…….no regrets.

photo: coolsteel27

This remains one of my favorite photos from Katsucon. Sudden Undertaker <3

Undertaker: o01101011

photo: Gerardo J. Flores

My Grell Sutcliff cosplay at Katsucon 2012 <3

Photos by Gerardo J. Flores

My Grell Sutcliff cosplay, taken by Smile Jade Photography.

I’m so grateful for any photos taken of me, especially when I’m missing pieces (one of my coat buttons fell off at some point, and my teeth went awol just before my shoot for that day) and I still look ok! VALIDATION! XD

Katsucon 2012: Kuroshitsuji. Never been more proud to run a shoot <3


I’ve been slowly stripping my deviantart into nothing, for unknown reasons, but then I came across this old thing. Deleted it off of there, but reposting it here for lulz.


Taken at Katsucon 2010, whip belongs to my sister who was my von Karma. Easily the most comfortable costume I own XD

New blog?

Is it? I’m not really sure! The blog is new, but the name is not. This name is now solely for cosplay, so I can get a little better at posting things and keeping things separate.

Should make things waaay easier for me lol. But prepare for some repeats (maybe you haven’t seen them?) while I transfer everything over.